Mental Health in India during Covid-19 lockdown.

In this article, I will cover how this pandemic have effected the mental health of 1.4 Billion Indians. When 1st lockdown was announced in India , it was the evening of 24th of march , 2020. At that time, we never thought or imagined what we are going to face in the near future.

Effect on Mental health in covid-19 lockdown.


When we know we have to do something but we just can’t , maybe it sounds very common to all of us but what have changed is, the intensity of procrastination since last year. We all can relate how guilty we feel at that time , not just guilty but we feel we are being controlled by someone else and we can’t do anything even if we want to.

SOLUTION- Just Do the action without motivation , once you do that motivation will chase you like a tracer bullet.

2.Lower Self -esteem

We know that feeling of accomplishment when we set our goal and work hard towards it and finally achieves it, isn’t that wonderful feeling.
On the other side how does it feel when we set our goal BUT neither we work towards it nor we can visualize ourselves in that position .

But when was the last time you looked in the mirror and said “I love this man , I respect this man for what he do”
Maybe you have done this few times, Or it is high probability that you have never said this and not even closer to this.

DO you know WHY ?
The answer is quite simple , You have not done something that you are proud of with consistency and full dedication OR You might have worked hard towards you like but it may have been overshadowed by your bad habits that gives you guilt every time you do that.

SOLUTION- Just do something you are passionate about with full dedication and consistency.

3. Physical Health

How are you guys feeling by moving so little since last year , I think we all agree we feel much better if we go to community park and do exercise with our friends as it brings accountability in our goals which multiplies our chances to reach our goal.

SOLUTION-I highly recommend the book — Spark as it explains in detail, the mind blowing benefits of exercise and how it impacts other area of our life
Also , you can try taking a subscription of a live fitness studio so that it can keep you more accountable towards your workouts.



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Shakti Singh

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