Life is boring , Accept it.

How to make sense in a world that doesn’t makes sense:

Accept the reality as it is and not how you wish it might be, I know it can be really hard especially considering the fact that nowdays toxic positivity runs through our veins and it is everywhere , You might ask what is wrong in that- In short : Everything , Literally EVERYTHING. It is because The pressure to “think positive” is harmful because it leads to feelings of guilt and emotional repression. The culture of toxic positivity has a particularly negative effect on marginalized communities, as it upholds oppressive systems. We need to stop forcing positivity — and instead start recognizing that occasional negativity is an inevitable part of the human experience.

Sort your life with MEDS:

1: M stands for Mindfulness — Ok so this is the millionth time you are gonna hear this, Mindfulness ( Meditation is a practice of mindfulness) is the best medicine available for you and you know what’s the best thing — It is available for FREE.

Without true awareness, humanity is trapped in a cycle of suffering caused by attachment to the self and its endless cravings. But, with awareness developed and honed into mindfulness, you can break loose. You can become vigilant of the inner phenomena that hold you back, and work on the inner strengths that liberate you. The path to peace and freedom is simple yet challenging, and it begins wherever you are and the starting point is 2 minutes simple meditation, don’t get overwhelme , Just start.

2: E stand for Exercise —

Ok ok ok I know this might sound another cliche tip but believe me I have experience this myself , When you start moving, Your mind starts working for you and not the vice versa.If you are feeling that your life is on autopilot mode, the #1 thing you can do from today is to get a fresh pair of running shoes and just start jogging around the block, 10 minutes or even 5 minutes is a good starting point.

For humans, the benefits of exercise extend far beyond improving our physical health. Because of our evolutionary history as hunters and gatherers, human brains are hardwired to derive happiness, meaning, and a sense of belonging from physical activity — especially if that physical activity takes place to music, in nature, or alongside others. The many different brain chemicals released during exercise have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate the physical and mental symptoms of various illnesses, and make us more likely to trust and support each other.

3: D stands for DIET

Ok so I strongly believe that what you eat has a direct impact on what you think , For example try to make a important decision after being full of McDonald Burger’s , I bet you would have lot of problems in that as your brain won’t help you.
Most modern diets are a one-way ticket to chronic inflammation and disease. Which is why you need to change yours! To adopt a superclean diet, prioritize foods that nourish your gut over foods that cause inflammation. You can whip up a meal without a recipe in less than five minutes by preparing batches of simple, healthy components. Complete your health transformation with exercise, nutritional supplements, and occasional mini-cleanses.

4: S stands for Sleep

So how much do you sleep , If you are like me then you don’t have a fixed routine. Well, have you noticed the impact of sleep on your productivity and how it affects your relationships because it affects your mood and that messes up preety much everything

I hope you have gain some value from this ( that was the main point for writing this article), Till next time — Peace out :)

Shakti Singh from Braindiet

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Shakti Singh

Shakti Singh

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